Portland Nightlife

Portland has one of the hippest nightlife scenes in the US. A mixture of strip clubs, pool halls, cocktail lounges, ballrooms, and bar, many of them are new to this unique, odd night scene. Part of that originality is thanks to some very atypical Oregon state laws stating that each venue serving booze must have a seven-item food menu too. So anticipate a city filled with bars doing their thing and perfect food and drink menus, while offering Portland flavor of music to bring it all together. Here’s a few places well-known for bringing it.

Driftwood Room

Driftwood Room

An oldie but goodie that’s been around since the 50s. Situated downtown in the Hotel Deluxe, this is a good place for people watching while enjoying champagne cocktails and snacking on free popcorn. Good for date night and dressing up like your favorite 50s actor or actress.


Stag is a male strip club in Portland and a gay bar. From the décor to the age of the customers, this spot has the vibe a new bar wants to stand out in a standout city. The dudes hang from ceiling and dance on the bar.


The longest functioning bar in Portland, this is where you want to be if you are looking for the best Spanish coffee in Portland served by a tux dressed bartender. Make sure to go to the older room in the back if you want be around Portlanders who have been partying there for years. Check out the cool turkey-themed menu.


Multnomah Whiskey Library

Three years old and this bar is at this time a Portland legend. This speakeasy is equipped with Portland’s top stocked bar (there are over 1,400 bottles), a real fireplace and an assortment of chic sofas. This is where you want to be to get warm and cozy.

San Francisco Nightlife: What to Do

Downtown San Francisco

Cocktails and culture, jazz music, and a DJ twin spin, San Francisco nightlife is the time to find out there’s a new approach to everything here when it comes to new avenues to have fun.

San Francisco seems to be transforming about as a fast as an ocean current. But don’t fret. The City by the Bay is still one of the coolest places for  fun nightlife, whether you like to drink with your science lesion or see some underground art.

You don’t have to search hard in San Francisco for a fun night that doesn’t have to do with clubbing. However, just in case you’re tired from the work week, we’ve got a few places to check out.

Underground Art

Delight and shock your out-of-town visitors at Tourettes Without Regrets, held at Oakland Metro on the 1st Thursday of each month. You never know what to expect, but there has been rap battles, wild aerialists, burlesque, and dirty haiku. A supreme performance showcase that is as odd as it is captivating.

Science and Booze: A Good Combo

Science is golden at the re-opened Exploratorium, situated along the Embarcadero. From 6-9 pm each Thursday, this museum hosts a themed night. There are conversations with scientists about stuff like self-propelling kinetic structures. Adults can also play around with many hands-on exhibits and go through a pitch-black tactile dome. Did we mention the tasty cocktails?

Put the Kiddies to Bed…It’s About to Get Freaky in Here

Hear real tales of sexual adventures at this monthly storytelling affair. At Bawdy, real folks tell their true sexual exploits onstage, usually with a theme. Past ones were “craigslust” and “unlikeliest places.” There is also a raffle for a sex toy. Take a date on a distinct night out here he or she won’t soon forget.

Best Spots to Have Fun in Atlanta at Night

Atlanta’s nightlife scene is filled with choices for those wanting dancing, fun, and socializing. From the stunning night club packed with singles to the relatively unknown singer-songwriter hangout filled with budding musicians, Atlanta caters to a distinct crowd at night.


Eddie’s Attic

On any night, you can rely on Eddie’s Attic to amuse you with bands you’ve probably never heard of before. There’s a lot of Americana acts and there’s a daily rotation of new voices coming to the stage. The vibe is easy going and lends itself to cold beer and conversations. When the weather is nice, the patio is the perfect place for a concert and a drink. Eddie’s hosts national famed acts as well as the unknowns. There is also a pool room.

MJQ Concourse

One of the longest running clubs in Atlanta, MJQ Concourse takes the word “underground” to a whole new level. The club is really underground. There’s no website (WHAT????) and most find out about it via word of mouth. Unassuming, you’d never realize that the entrance was the door to one of the most popular dance clubs in Atlanta. Open late at night, it is popular on any given night. Folks come here come to dance and listen to skilled DJs. Music is everything like indie, industrial rock, house, R&B, and punk.

Laughing Skull


One of the most well-known Atlanta comedy clubs, Laughing Skull states of being the world’s smallest stand-up spot, but the incredible talent that usually takes the stage is anything but. Within this hip 74-seat setting, the biggest names on both the local and national comedy scenes keep audience members doubled over with laughter. Situated next to The Vortex, a well-known burger spot, make your way between venues and enjoy beers and burgers. And get your laugh on in Atlanta.

Nightlife in Salt Lake City

As the city lights go down every night, Salt Lake’s many night spots keep things animated with a vast range of entertainment choices. From bohemian music scenes to high-end cocktail bars to jazz clubs to country-western line dancing to grooving to the smooth sounds of blues, rock n’ roll, and jazz, dance the night away. Or just chill watching a TV sporting event. There’s always something going down in SLC.

Popular Street Pub

A nice friendly neighborhood pub for good time and great food. Regardless if you want a table for dinner, a seat at the bar or a place in the game room, you’ll feel comfortable. The heated patio is the cozy place to eat a delicious meal with a glass of wine, a beer and a burger, or a few cocktails and an appetizer.

50 West

Café at 50 West and Broadway

The Club and Café at 50 West and Broadway is the outcome of two goals which are to offer a fun, unique dining experience in Salt Lake City and to craft a performance showcase which would redefine the realm of professional entertainment in Utah.

The Café at 50 West is a part of the Club, symbolizing the entertainment angle with a pop-culture feel meshed with the fresh, green, clean feel of the décor. The Café at 50 West is a nice casual dining experience that’s friendly, exciting, delicious, and fun. Take pleasure in an assortment of traditional menu items created by culinary experts who put a “50 West twist” on all they create. All entrees are made fresh every day, and due to the location, is quite accessible to all of downtown.

The Bayou

The Bayou is Utah’s first beer bar with more than 400 beers. Classic pub fare with a Cajun flair. Check out their site or app for the complete menu. This is Beervana.

When the Lights Go Down in Alaska

Northern Lights (Aurora borealis) over Alaskan snowscape

Alaska is famed for its wildlife and natural beauty. But, you may be shocked at how much there is to see and do when the sun sets. Regardless if you’re planning a rafting trip or have spent all day reserving tours for clients, here are some cool ways to chill in Alaska.

The Northern Nights

Pink Floyd planetarium light shows ain’t got nothing on the Northern Lights. Yeah, you’ll have to be up late since the lights probably pop out between 11:30PM and 3:. But that what vacation and sick days are for. While your possibilities of seeing this stunning light show are best in the winter time, any clear night from September to the middle of April will give you a show.

Get a Drink, Alaska Style

Naturally, nothing beats a glass of wine or cold pint when you want to unwind after a long work day.

Chilkhoot Charlie’s is a great choice with DJs and live bands almost each night. Tap Root offers enough microbrews to please anybody.

In Fairbanks, the Pump House Saloon is a solid place to drink and eat, as well as Silver Gulch Brewing and Tubby’s BBQ, Grill and Sports Bar. Be sure to check out Mecca Bar which has had its doors open since the 40s.

Take in a Show

Alaska has lots of culture. The Palace Theatre and Saloon in Fairbanks has it all from cancan to honky-tonk. The Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre will offer you a northern take on the bard. In Anchorage, go to Cyrano’s Theatre Company for crazy interpretive shows you’ll only see there.

Cut Loose on the Dance Floor

Nothing eliminates stress like some good rump shaking across the dance floor. Anchorage’s Chilkoot Charlie is fun and rustic, while Platinum Jaxx is a bit more upscale. Try the Anchor Pub and Club too.

Venice Nightlife

Venice has several good bars in the Dorsoduro district. However, it isn’t a party

Cafe In Venice, Italy

place. Party-seekers usually go to Venice’s sister city, Mestre. In summer, they travel to the seaside town of Jesolo where they can enjoy swimming and tanning.

Cafè Noir

With a huge list of wines, beers, and cocktails, Cafè Noir is a popular and lively bar, particularly among students. You can get your beverage with piadina or sandwiches while sitting outside or inside, listening to some cool music. The ceiling and modest wooden furniture create a nostalgic setting.

The Irish Pub Venezia

This pub is a nice Irish bar with a Venetian feel, making it a very special place to enjoy many types of beer. The benches are like an Irish pub where folks drink and socialize. If you get hungry you have the chance to order snacks or pizza.

Bacaro Jazz

Between the two main tourist attractions of St. Mark’s Square and Rialto Bridge, you’ll find this famed bar. It has been around since the 90s and draws a mix of tourists and locals who want to relax their nerves by hearing some jazz or watching live football matches while drinking.


Once you come inside this bar, you will realize where the name comes from. The entire décor is done in the color orange. Art, house music, and a vast array of cocktails and wines as well as other drinks make this a popular place with the trendy and young. You have to try the Orange spritz, a wine-based cocktail complemented with snacks and appetizers.

Devil’s Forest Pub

Venice city is not usually associated with pubs. However, if you want a hot dog, burger, and of course Italian food, this is the spot to be. Live rugby and football games can be enjoyed here as well.

Nightlife in Stockholm

For fun, check out Stockholm nightlife! Vibrant and trendy, it is active at all

Night scene of the Stockholm City at top of Katarina elevator

times. You will find a good equilibrium between nature and city living. It isn’t just a good-looking city during the daytime. Stockholm comes alive when the night falls.

To get the most out of the nightlife here, there are some things to know. You have to be aware of transport, location, and price.

If you are visiting on the weekend and have no concept of where to begin, read on.


Location is it. There are two main places you should consider, Stureplan and Södermalm. The Södermalm area is the southern part of central Stockholm and is thought to be the “Brooklyn” of Stockholm. This is where there is a more relaxed atmosphere with choices for bigger venues.

Stureplan is where you go for big spending in the big clubs. They will have the stringent door requirements, longer queues, and commercial venues. A good site to visit for Stockholm bars and clubs is www.visitstockholm.com. It is not just for recommendations, but for crucial info for newcomers to Stockholm.


What is and isn’t expensive is relative. So instead of being told, it’s better to provide examples so you can see for yourself on what to expect when it comes to price.

A cheap beer at a Stockholm pub will be around 50 SEK which is about six US Dollars. And that’s a very cheap beer. There are spots in Stockholm, dive bars, where you can get cheap drinks. They are typically crowded and loud. If you aren’t too picky this is a good place to start your night.

Another choice is to buy a few beers from your local Systembolaget and have a few with your friends at home before going out. Save a few bucks this way.

How to Stay Safe When Clubbing

Going out to a nightclub is lots of fun. You get to meet new folks and don’t think about work, burning some stress dancing and getting your groove on.

But having a good time also means protecting yourself in what can be a crazy setting. It’s a sad thing that not everyone in the club is there to have a good time. If you’re unfortunate, that gal or guy who seems so friendly while you’re talking at the bar may be interested in way more than what you think about Drake’s new release.

Being safe in the club is about using your sense and having a plan. Here are some fact to aid you have fun at night securely.

Drink Spiking

The technique of putting date-rape drugs into drinks is on the increase and for many folks it is their biggest fear. Protect yourself by:

Covering your drink with your hand in the crowd

Never drink a cocktail or anything that doesn’t come right from the bartender and you see it does

Never leaving your drink sitting anywhere


Although drinking sensibly is part of going to the nightclub, drinking too much can put you in danger. Excess alcohol consumption lessens your ability to recognize danger, reduces alertness, makes you more liable to use bad judgement and delays responses which could get you out of a hazardous situation. Know your limit.


Sometimes it’s just a crime of chances. At times, it the plan of pros. Either way, coming back from the bathroom to see your purse gone hurts regardless.

In a crowded room full of folks you don’t know and don’t know you, the only way to keep your valuables secure is to keep them with and on you all night long even on the dance floor.

Also, limiting what you take to the club helps keep you safe as well.

Places to Enjoy a Nice Evening Dinner in Kailua Kona

There is nothing like relaxing in one of the many Kailua Kona rentals and being surrounded by some of the best dining establishment this ocean city has to offer. Plan a getaway to Kailua Kona and be prepared to take pleasure in eating every type of cuisine imaginable. From fresh seafood to pizza, vacationers will surely find something to enjoy. An added bonus is that most restaurants offer dining right by the water. Make sure to try one or all when at your vacation rental in Kailua Kona.

Kona Inn Cafe Grill

Guests wanting to dine on the waterfront must make reservations at the Kona Inn Cafe Grill. Sip on a mai tai while watching the sunset and enjoying a plate of sashimi or a bowl of Thai curry lemongrass soup. The favorite at Kona Inn is their fresh seafood caught daily. Try the pink, red, or gray snapper with locally grown vegetables. Or choose an entree from the grill like Hawaiian pork ribs or steak & lobster. The most popular dessert is the housemade macadamia nut ice cream. Visitors staying at one of the several hotels will surely make Kona Inn Cafe Grill one of their favorite restaurants.

Kona Brewery and Pub

For a relaxing time by the Pacific with a wailua wheat ale created right in the brewery, check out Kona Brewery and Pub. The plant is right next to the Kona Pub and offers visitors a morning or afternoon guided tour. Afterwards, make plans to dine in the restaurant or on the patio. If this is a family getaway, try one of their specialty pizzas. Choose from bacon cheeseburger, bbq chicken, or Pele’s Own with andouille sausage and shrimp. Diners wanting to sample some of their famous entrees, order the fish tacos or shrimp melt sandwich. Eat at Kona Brewery and Pub on Sundays to take pleasure in some live Hawaiian music. Before leaving, stop by their store to pick up t-shirts, caps, and beer glasses as souvenirs. Also, if you enjoyed one of their homemade brews, get a half-gallon jug of beer to go.

Las Vegas Nightlife

Vegas’ partying is well known. So much so that regrettably the city had to make a tag line to tell folks to keep their stories of drunken decadence and alcohol fueled naughtiness to themselves. It clearly hasn’t worked. But since we’re partying, we decided to use our powers for positive and help you to know the best nightclubs in Las Vegas. Get ready to party in Sin City.

Jewel at Aria Resort & Casino

Naming something a “jewel” is an audacious move. But the Hakkasan Group are audacious folks. You know who they are. They founded Omnia and Hakkasan Nightclub. Not satisfied with just 2 successful nightclubs, they had to go for the gold.

They totally knocked it out of the park. Jewel is more on the cozy side. This is completely refreshing because if this huge club trend continues, we’ll wind up partying in two different area codes. Jewel also takes the lavishness up a notch. The dance floor is enclosed with seating that has leather upholstery and big double-sided LED video screens that sync with the sounds.

1OAK at The Mirage

Ok, so maybe it’s a little strange that this place is called “1 Of A Kind… there’s one more in NY. Semantics aside, 1OAK is exciting and that’s all that really counts. The first thing you see walking into the club is its long entryway. Generally, this would be highly annoying. Until you get inside and see how worth it the long walk was.

1OAK was created around the dance floor, making it a real dancer’s paradise. If you’re not dropping mounds of dollars for a private table or are workin’ it on the dance floor, being a wallflower here is not going to work. Who goes to LV nightclubs to do this anyway?